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Toshiba Outdoor Units

U2AVG Multi-Split Outdoor

Toshiba Inverter Multi-split systems feature higher standards of indoor air-quality, sound levels and environmental awareness. For night-time comfort, just press the Quiet button on your remote or App and the indoor unit will be whisper quiet.

One outdoor unit can serve up to five indoor units for exceptional flexibility and reliability. Toshiba Inverter Multi-system outdoor units are lightweight and compact. Just one outdoor unit takes up minimal space. With the Power Select function, the outdoor unit can also be quieted for overnight comfort. Choose from four types of indoor units: Hi-wall, Ducted, Compact 4-way Cassette and Console type to suit any room or office.

Key features:

  • From 2 to 5 rooms with high-efficiency product.

  • Just one outdoor unit can serve up to five indoor rooms.

  • Wide choice of internal units: Hi-walls, 4-way cassettes, ducted-type and/or console.

  • Operating range from -20°C in heating mode and up to +46°C in cooling.

  • Compressor DC Twin-Rotary on the whole range.

  • Up to 80 meters of pipe length connections for any installation type.

  • Environmentally friendly with R32.


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