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UTP 4 Way Cassette

4-Way Cassette systems are suitable for use in a wide range of applications such as shops and small offices. Unobtrusive and flexible, it offers the ideal solution for small commercial applications where space is limited. It is aesthetically pleasing with a stylish appearance.

Toshiba Cassette systems fits well with interiors where design is just as important as functionality. The UTP Cassette suits all standard ceilings and is easy to install and maintain. The series 4 Cassette system has improved efficiency and sounds levels from its predecessor and has been designed to provide a better overall solution for your workplace.

Key features:

  • Clean Ceiling - the innovative air flow control and the new panel design prevent dust from accumulating around the air outlet in the ceiling.

  • Easy installation - ideal for sites with restriction on the space above ceiling level, the unit features a high-lift drain pump (850 mm).

  • Easy maintenance - corner pockets in all four panel corners allow convenient access to the adjustment controls behind the panel.

  • Energy efficiency - a high performance turbo fan improves the air throw distance and the optimum distance from the fan for improved heat transfer from the pentagonal heat exchanger.

  • All of the capacity sizes have the same physical dimensions so the installation looks much smarter and consistent regardless of the room size.

  • Individual louver control


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